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Tibet of South America
ISBN: 978-83-61155-08-9

Lost in a remote corner of the world just like Tibet, Bolivia will enchant and fascinate you with its colourful culture, endless open spaces and stunning iceberg peaks. It will bewilder you with its sultry, vibrant Amazon Rainforest, stretching like a land of abundance at the foothills of the formidable, inaccessible and frosty Andes

It is South America’s highest and least accessible country. It is also the most Indian in terms of its ever-present tradition and beliefs. It boasts the world’s largest salt flat, the highest navigable lake, the highest capital, the highest airport... Beyond doubt, it is the most fascinating and diverse country on the continent.

Travel album
Edition: First (2007)
Pages: 480
Size: 240 x 160 mm
Binding: hardcover

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