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In the shadow of volcanoes
ISBN: 978-83-61155-09-6

Indonesia is an archipelago of more than seventeen thousand islands which act as a barrier between the waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans. Due to these natural barriers that for centuries have restricted the islands’ influence on one another, each island has its unique landscape, culture and religion

Our album contains a collection of stunning photographs of Sumatra, with its dense jungles inhabited by

orangutans and tribes that once practiced cannibalism; Java, where the mist-shrouded sunrise over the Buddhist temple Borobudur transports you to a world of traditional ceremonies; the island of Bali, where, apart from beautiful beaches, we find colourful Hindu temples and marvel at the sparkling lights of fishing boats on their way to their night fishing grounds; and Lombok and the idyllic Gili islands, where we go trekking on the imposing Rinjani volcano. We also visit Flores to commune with the spirits of the dead over the coloured lakes, as well as the traditional villages of the island of Timor, which are still ruled by kings.

Book avaiable only in Polish language.