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Anna i Marcin Szymczakowie

Anna and Marcin Szymczak - they organised and participated in various trips to different parts of the world. Professional photographers, for whom taking pictures is not merely a profession but a continuing passion. Their travelling adventure began back in college days and lasts till this day because adventure can become addictive. If the memories of the night spent at the north ridge of Belukha Mountain in the Altay Mountains, seeing Chamar Daban in the wintertime, the majestic figure of Peak Pobeda in Kyrgyzstan or a chador-clad climb up Mount Damavand in Iran are still alive in your mind, it is hard not to seek greater thrills. They have seen the Indian part of Tibet, they have tasted tea on the foothills of Mount Fuji, they have experienced the excitement of snorkelling in the East China Sea and the dangers of rafting down a river full of piranhas and crocodiles in the Amazon jungle. For as long as they live, they will remember the majestic Pamir Mountains and their circumambulation of holy Mount Kailash in Tibet.

For more information please visit: www.fotografiapodroznicza.pl

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