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Małgorzata Preuss, Marcin Złomski

Małgorzata Preuss – doctoral candidate at the Polish Academy of Sciences’ Social Science Department, head of Fundacja Laboratorium Reportażu (Laboratory of Journalism Foundation);

Marcin Złomski – graduate of the Musical Academy and the Warsaw School of Economics. They met at a travel slide show event. He had explored the wildest corners of the Peruvian jungle, crossed Africa from Cairo to Cape Town and set his foot on the Roof of the World. She had climbed the mountains of Asia: the Altay Mountains and the Tian Shan and admired the vastness of the Mongolian steppe.

From that moment on they have been travelling together. They have explored South America, visited the Indonesian archipelago and Fidel’s Cuba. They are the authors of the Fotoreportaże podróżnicze (Travel Photo Journals) project, they organise slideshows from their trips and treks to Venezuela, India and Nepal.

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