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Anna Olej-Kobus, Krzysztof Kobus

Anna Olej-Kobus i Krzysztof Kobus

A French major and an IT specialist who gave up their full-time jobs for their lifetime passions: photography and travelling. For years now, it has allowed them to present their readers with images of Poland and more remote corners of the world, with their pictures featured in numerous maps and guide books. They are the authors of many popular albums (“Górka Klasztorna – the Mystery of Christ’s Passion”, “Poland’s most beautiful monuments”, “Poland’s sacred spaces”, “The amazing world of technology”, “Serving the public – 120 years of Warsaw Waterworks”, “Poland the beautiful”, to name but a few). Anna and Krzysztof’s pictures can be viewed at: www.travelphoto.pl Ever since Michaś and Staś came into their lives, the couple have been sharing the experiences gained while travelling with children at www.malypodroznik.pl

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